Facebook challenges LinkedIn with its new job posting feature


Facebook is a stone crusher and challenges every social media, be it Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn. To understand Facebook, its never-ending expansion in the digital world has to be watched carefully.

From instant viral college photo-sharing channel to a billion dollar company is not an everyday scene. I know what you may be thinking, why the hell I’m getting a lesson on its success, right?

Well, to be honest, I’m just flexing and warming up.

Okay (serious mode). LinkedIn is famous among ‘professionals’, however, the exact word should be “hungry people” like me, who are looking for works, clients, business deals, or connections for future leads.

Let’s not forget LinkedIn has over 500 million users worldwide. I know that you all guys know it’s less than half of Facebook users, which has 1.37 billion daily active users and 2.07 billion monthly users as of June 2017. Now believe that!

LinkedIn is no near that, but its market is completely different, which is about building a professional network. Lets me sound more clear and loud, it dominates the job market.

Facebook also wants to enter this market, which of course isn’t an easy game, but Facebook always comes forward and has a habit of acquiring the whole company, just think of Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook is challenging the LinkedIn in the job sector with its new simple job posting-and-applying feature. So you may ask what’s new? I’ve seen businesses posting jobs on Facebook’s news feed every time I open my app.

This is where Facebook has improved; it wants to be direct and easy for filling a job application. I’ll tell you guys my secret, “I haven’t applied for any job from Facebook.”

Businesses can put up the post of the job-hiring in their page and call out to more than one billion to apply. I know it’s a huge marketplace where every business, either government or non-government organization, wants to first look for potential employees, especially the startups. But how, right?

Startups are always short of employees; they want affordable workers and for a certain period on a contract basis. While LinkedIn is more reliable and provides potential as well as transparent work experience of the applicants.

So, Facebook plans to bridge the gap between the businesses and applicants with more social and personal connection through Facebook. No one thought Facebook could be a hiring ground!

Simply, anyone who is interested can check the interested business’s page and the job tabs in the marketplace. Before, this was available only in the United States and Canada, but as of 8th November, they launched for businesses in New Zealand, Chile, Portugal, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Within a few months, Facebook has expanded its grip on the job market, which I call proudly as “Facbookization.” Smiling, this is my own made-up word for Facebook, who is leading and taking the current world into an all-in-one place kind of world.
This job posting feature isn’t available for everyone right now and is still in the testing zone. Is it really a threat to LinkedIn?

Here is what I see, Facebook, being a viral social media with such huge user base, will be able to show job posts to every person who is on Facebook. But remember Facebook was never established as a job posting site like LinkedIn. So how come it possibly be an advantage for Facebook?

People do not come to Facebook as a “hungry people” looking for a job rather to socialize, just like me. But when they stumble upon a post saying “we’re hiring,” believe me, Facebook’s algorithm can read your interest, they will be happy to apply for it.

Facebook is not looking for the professional job market; it wants to target the people based on their interest, who are looking for part-time or hourly works. Whenever I see my LinkedIn profile, I don’t think I can get hired because my profile has nothing to attract. (LinkedIn notifies whenever someone sees your profile)

To win a client or getting a job through LinkedIn depends on your resume and work experience. Facebook doesn’t want to get this deep and copy it; it wants the low wage market, such as part-timers.

In a way, this doesn’t hurt LinkedIn because it will always be known as a professional network and “hungry people” will always go to the LinkedIn job in a hope of getting a reply and hired by a company. But this “Facbookization,” my own fancy term for Facebook making the world a global village by putting their hands everywhere and acquiring the market, will be the new way of life, including this new job feature.

This could be a good thing for freelancers, too. Yayyyy! Very soon, the huge world of freelancers will start rushing to Facebook and I’ll be one of them. Once this Job marketplace becomes viral, like a wildfire, Facebook will monetize it with ads and charge for the job posts. Oh, I forget to tell how Facebook intends to make this feature simple and easy for the applicants?

You may have seen many posts in the news feed on Facebook about job recruitment. I know it takes you to their website and you end up not filing the form looking at those long requirements. I never ever checked such posts.

Now, whenever you see “Apply Now” on a post and click on it, abracadabra! Some fields like name and profile pics will be already filled by Facebook. And those applications will be sent through messenger. Don’t you think this will be super easy and super personal, like texting to mom in messenger!

But LinkedIn knows how to play their game. They run several programs to further expand and socialize with the neglected community, for example, veteran program.

This program is almost 6 years old which, however, is a huge contribution to the American veteran community who are having a harsh time finding jobs and making connections after their military service.

LinkedIn has a firm grip on the job market, but the social media giant Facebook wants a share of the big pie. You know how big this job market is? Well, I see people everywhere talking or hooking up to some freelance marketplace and job boards.

Let’s wait for Facebook’s next move and how LinkedIn reacts – will it share this huge pie (job market) or fights over it? Let me know guys in the comment section.

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